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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we got you covered from every angle. chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast. we're also watching traffic. we begin with brad sattin live in ocean city last time we check you were working on your tan already, brad. >> reporter: yeah, i'm starting that tan as we all are i think. lots of people here for sure. for good reason. aaa is saying for instance this is going to be the busiest travel weekend for memorial day weekend in 10 years since 2005. part of that reason, gas prices they're about a dollar a gallon lower than they were this time last year. i'm going to step out of the way you can see some of the crowds here i'm convinceed in people blue off work or school because they spent the day on the beach. others as the crowd picks upcoming here after work and so far it's clear that business owners are smiling. it is that time of year again. >> sit on the beach and look at all the bikinis. >> reporter: well for that and digging to china. >> we need a nice summer. >> yes, we do. >> reporter: don't we deserve it? >> we sure do. >> reporter: your grandson
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deserves it, he's got lot of digging to do this summer. >> yes, he does. >> reporter: and business owners hope more fun and games mean more money in their registers and more dough in their pockets. so far so good says the ocean city chamber of commerce. >> beach tag sales are up and rentals are up and our a com notations see a swing upward we're very excited about that. >> reporter: it is pizza making season again at the jersey shore. >> how many pies are you going to make today. i can't tell that you f i told you vied to take you out back and kill you. >> don't tell me then. >> this weekend will set the tone for the success of the season. >> everyone has a case of cab brinn fever. we're ready. >> of course, cold treats sell a lot better in hot weather. >> frozen yogurt business we rely on nice 80-degree day. prime weather. >> good weekend coming. >> yeah. i'm exciting for it. >> reporter: these recent high school grads are excited to again feel the warmth of the sand. >> isn't winter so much better?
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>> no. >> reporter: you'd rather have this? >> yes. >> yes. just the great weather and like to be able to be on the beach. everybody has off for a long weekend it's great. >> reporter: they go hand in hand bring on the business and keep the nice weather going. >> got an early start on -- i got to work on my tan. >> reporter: he's working that tan well. we can tell you that year round homeowners here in ocean city there are about 12,000 of them. this week they anticipate about 99,000 people here compare that to a july 4th weekend. they can see upwards of 150,000 people so not the biggest week of the year but certainly beautiful weather and they're anticipateing a really good crowd. chris and dawn. >> all right. thank you, brad. you can see the weather is beautiful where brad is. the question, though, will it hold out for the entire weekend? chief meteorologist scott williams live in old city tonight with the answer everyone is hoping is yes. dawn, it looks like it's going to be a nice upcoming
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holiday weekend. i mean, take a look at today. we have the sunshine. temperatures in philadelphia made it to 77 degrees today. remember yesterday it was cloudy damp and dreary. welch improved and a nice kick off to the upcoming holiday weekend. as we look at ultimate doppler with the satellite and radar pretty quiet. there is a dry cold front that's moving through. that will drop the temperatures to some chilly numbers tonight but take look down the shore right now. wildwood dry, quite a lot of sunshine. we'll head up the road where brad sattin was and you can see looking pretty good from ocean city to atlantic city. no weather worries if you're headed down the shore. and those temperatures right now are pretty comfortable as well. your entire holiday forecast for the poconos down the shore when i come indoors. guys back to you. >> the weather and traffic this weekend by downloading the fox 29 news app. it is free. you can get it at apple app and google play stores. we have breaking news for you right now coming out of
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south philadelphia. skyfox live over a fire right now. this is in 3,000 block of penrose avenue. you can see the thick dark smoke and the flames shooting from the building there. a few details but it appears the fire is at a refinery. we know crews are on the scene right now. they're trying to get it under control. but that smoke and flames really barreling out of the building. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you any updates as soon as they're available. >> okay. also developing now authorities turning up the heat on a local college professor. he was the top guy in temple university's physics department. but tonight he's become the target of federal prosecutors. it is a case of international espionage. ton night officials are very curious about what they think he may have leaked to a foreign government. fox 29's dave schratwieser is following the investigation. he joins us live now from the fbi headquarters in center city. dave? >> reporter: chris chairman of temple university's physics department was replaced today after he was indicted on federal
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wire fraud charges for a plot or scheme to sell secrets industrial secrets to china. that could get him up to 80 years in prison if he's convict convicted. >> this is a problem on a massive scale that has to be dealt with very aggressively. >> reporter: the arrest of temple your xi is the latest in a string of schemes uncovered by the fbi that exposed attempts to sell american technology to china foreign policy and counter terrorism experts say it's costing everyone big bucks. >> we lose about $350 billion a year. that's billion with a b to industrial espionage. it's built into the cost of everything you pay for as a consumer. >> reporter: fbi agents spent hours at his home in penn valley thursday night after he was indicted on charge he is tried to sell technology information from an unnamed u.s. company to his native china. >> we are a target of the chinese. it's time that we had a national
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addition discussion about the extent to which this is happening. >> reporter: 47-year-old professor was chairman until today of the physics department at temple which is now housed in the university's new science education and research center. >> the individual who is accused of here, he didn't think this up on his own. somebody tried to induce him. >> reporter: temple appointed app acting chairman of the physics department quote in light of dr. xi's need to focus on the matter at hand. he remains a faculty member. >> they have to protect the university. >> reporter: fbi agents searched his home on hidden river road thursday night. they seize computers records and other evidence. turzanski says arrests like this protect the country and consumers. >> everything in your house that has a technological component to it you're paying more because of that industrial espionage. >> reporter: now the professor was released on $100,000 before he came to temple he work at penn state university. he was not available today for a
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comment and no attorney of record has been entered at this point. chris. >> okay, dave, thanks. long nasal nightmare for residents in one new jersey town is nearly over. the pennsylvania department of environmental protection this week just ordered a landfill from across the delaware river must stop accepting trash by may of 2017. fox 29's bruce gordon tells us residents in florence, new jersey, are literally breathing a sigh of relief. >> reporter: the parade of waist haulers dumping their loads at the tullytown landfill more than 1.6 million tons of trash last year alone is about to end. folks living down wind across the delaware river in florence new jersey, can finally exhale. >> i screamed. i was like ahh! >> reporter: you were that happy. >> oh, my god, yeah. debbie runs debbie snack shack in the shod dough of mount sting more she's an active member of
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citizens against the smell of tullytown. >> when i was raising my kids, i couldn't let them outside at times because the odor was so bad. it was horrific. >> reporter: what had been 100-acre landfill grew to 300 acres over time. >> the bigger it got the smellier it got. my grandchildren called grammy's dump hill. trash mounds. >> reporter: caitlin mccardell moved out of florence last year. she had enough of the smell. >> when you're on 295 you can smell florence as soon as you get close to the skit. >> reporter: over in tullytown, the landfill's owner waste management is considered a pretty good neighbor. it provide free trash pick up that and other services and pay host fees that allow the borough to send out $6,000 checks each december. >> you get compensated at the end of the year every household. within /win situation i think for everybody. >> reporter: for years the folks in florence called it within /lose but now with the clock ticking toward a final
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shut down -- >> maybe able be open your windows again. >> i hope so. >> dep spokeswoman tells me complaints from florence and elsewhere contributed quote significantly to their decision to order the landfill closed. a waste management spokesman tells me the company has always done its best to minimize odors license continue to do so until the place closes inform florence, new jersey, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> unfortunate side effect of big holiday weekends. drunk drivers on the roads. well now an app aimed at helping those drivers that authorities say can be very dangerous. >> plus, dozens of veterans get the recognition they deserve at a local school but one person who helped plan this event gets a surprise even she wasn't expecting. sean? >> dawn the men's and women lacrosse final four in town for memorial weekend. we'll hear -- one kid from berwyn is trying to go out in a major way. that's later in sports. >> before we go to break we continue to follow breaking
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news. this is coming out of south philadelphia. skyfox right there over a major fire in the 3,000 block of penrose avenue. this is the girard point refinery down there. you may be very familiar with it it. very few details right now but we do know the fire is burning at the refinery. we now have crews headed to the scene. they're trying to get this fire under control. of course we'll continue to keep an eye on it and bring you any updates as they are available. ♪
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♪ we continue to follow breaking news for you out of south philadelphia. take a look. skyfox live over the scene of a huge fire right now in the 3,000 block of penrose avenue. this is burning at a refinery. you can see the thick dark smoke filling the air. crews putting water on this fire. they are on the scene trying to get everything under control. scott tells us that the wind is gusting over 30 miles per hour so it's making it difficult for
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crews on the scene. of course we'll keep an eye on this and bring you any updates as soon as they're available. there's now new app actually designed with a certain kind of driver in mind. it's creators say it could come in handy if you get pulled over this holiday weekend. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson takes look at the dewey dialer and shows you why some are calling the app a dangerous new tool. ♪ >> reporter: as we head into memorial day weekend there's a new app that is being marketed as a link to attorneys for people who are accused of driving under the influence. the app is called dewey dialer. if you get into trouble or if you get pulled over, you press the trouble button on the screen. it immediately starts recording the audio of the traffic stop and alerts an attorney through text message. i asked one of the creators in a word why? >> we basically provide an efficient instant communication and contact with their clients or someone who is looking for an
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attorney reputation at that time. >> reporter: the app isn't in our area yet but they're hoping that it will be soon. which raised whole different question. is it even legal to record a police officer without telling them? >> we basically are not responsible for that. we do advise everybody when you download the app and if you're going to use it have a conversation with your attorney and find out what the state's laws are with regard to recording a contact with police officer. >> reporter: if the app does does in fact get to our area, attorney fred tecce told me the conversation creator was talking about will be a really important conversation to have. >> in pennsylvania, under the wire tap statute, you have to have both parties consent to a recording. otherwise you violate the wire tap statute and it's a crime. >> reporter: he generally wasn't terribly impressed by the concept of offering legal convenience to someone that you're pretty much acknowledging got behind the wheel of the car after being out drinking. >> to me it kind of play noose this whole thing about people from the get go being unwilling or unable to take responsibility
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for their actions. they're running to their lawyer. again don't drink and drive. it's real simple. >> society whole process here is really about making sure that we protect representation. if do you get stopped then you have an opportunity to exercise those rights in real time. >> reporter: tell us what you think. is the dewey dialer condoning drinking and driving or just offering much needed legal services? you can leave your comment on our fox 29 facebook page. you can tweet us at fox 29 philly. and here in the newsroom i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. very special event today in marlton, new jersey. honoring our men and women fighting for our country and the heroes who died doing so. u.s. air force technical sergeant had been in touch with evans elementary officials to help organize today's memorial day event at the school. you see his daughter is a student at the school. what the sergeant didn't know is that all the students were waiting outside to welcome him home. sergeant got a police escort. the event was put together with
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the help of operation yellow ribbon of south jersey. very nice. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. scott we've been following breaking news for this newscast. huge fire in south philadelphia by the refinery. the wind is a big problem. >> yeah. >> we've been keeping tabs on that fire down there in south philadelphia at the refinery as those crews are battling that fire. it's kind of dry across our area today but let's take look. briefly at the winds right now. you can see those winds are gusting at times over 30 miles per hour. here's a look at current winds for the philadelphia area out of the west. so any of that smoke will be blowing toward sections of camden county or gloucester county right now based on the wind direction. but look at the gusts right now. you can see it's gusting to 31 miles per hour in philadelphia. and also take a look at wilmington those winds are gust gusting to 36 miles per hour. so, of course, we'll continue to monitor the wind and also what to expect for tonight.
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temperatures are going to be dropping. there's a dry cold front moving through so look for lows to night in the 40s. frost advisories posted for the pocono mountains then tomorrow a cool start but temperatures by the afternoon around 70. 80 degrees on sunday and then take look at this. memorial day temperatures mid to upper 80s. then as we move ahead into next week we're looking at 90-degree heat. in fact we could see our first heat wave of the year. but take look at the satellite and radar right now. here's that front that's moving through. a few sprinkles right now towards sections of the pocono mountains but the wind continues out of the west. it will shift out of the north and west tomorrow to cool us down a bit. dry and quite right now. atlantic city looking pretty good. toward ocean city, margate no weather worries right now. ventnor looking good as well as we look at the temperatures. look at this. 77 that's our high today in philadelphia. low 70s atlantic city as well as wildwood. so mostly clear it will be
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chilly for tonight mid 40s in the burbs. upper 40s 40s in the city and once again 30s in the pocono mountains watching out for that frost. so for tomorrow, if you're staying in the city, 70. 80 on sunday. 87 on memorial day. a cool start tomorrow morning in the pocono mountains. it will stay pretty cool. 62 for the high. then rebounding into the low and mid 70s by sunday and monday and down the shore chilly water temperatures but you might want that wind breaker temperatures 66 degrees tomorrow. but milder for sunday and monday. it looks like it will stay dry down the shore. but look at 87 degrees for the high temperature on memorial day day. maybe a pop-up storm. 90 tuesday 90 wednesday thursday 90 and even it stays hot for friday of next week. wow -- >> bring it on. >> heat wave we're looking at. >> all right. >> guys it's an end to dynasty right now. next year kobe bryant will be going into his 19th season. and he might be calling it
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quits. hear from his general manager about kobe's last season the phillies head to d.c. to take on the nationals. they have a hot streak going right now but will it continue. one of the hottest hitters in baseball will have to be slowed down. bryce harper. that's next in sports.
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the most overrated player in baseball that's what the players call bryce harper at the beginning of the year. but they don't think that way any more. harper is crushing it for the nationals now. the phillies roll into d.c. for memorial weekend. continuing their had the streak. may depend on stopper harper's in the last 10 games harper almost batting .500. batting .469. four homeless, 11 rbi's and 10 walks. he had 15 homers on the season. his own batting .521 against the phillies but three of those have been yard out of the park. unbelievable. ryan howard has been pretty darn good. dead to right at the beginning of the season. howard is finally waking up. in the last 10 he's batting .368. three homers in and six rbi's. batting average in the dumps before this stretch so hopefully the good hitting continues tonight. final four is here in philly being played at the linc. the women's semi final social
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security tonight and finals will be on sunday. the men's are tomorrow and monday. denver john hopkins and maryland. the terps have a couple home grown kids playing in front of friends and family. first team all american casey agent dade from berwyn basically in this position every single year. he's a red shirt senior and the team has been in the final 44 out of the five years he's been there. he grew up eagles fan so this is basically perfect. nothing better than this. >> pretty amazing i've been getting texts from my friends sacred ground and i'm like so excited to be on the field just awesome. awesome way fitting way to end my college career back in philadelphia you know, there's no place i'd rather be than back home and it's an awesome feeling feeling. >> it might be time to say goodbye to a legend. one of the 10 greatest basketball players of all time kobe bryant. general manager says kobe
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indicated to him next season will be bryant's last. he hasn't flat out said it, but there has been no discussion of future with the lakers after this year. this will be his final year as a 19 seasons. the last four or three but man on the top in my opinion the fifth greatest player of all time behind magic jordan, bird and kareem. >> unbelievable. >> hard to imagine the nba without kobe. >> absolutely. >> pitbull found barely clinging to life on the streets of philadelphia. her injuries so severe difficult to look at her face. how the very thing that may have caused her to be viciously attacked now could save her life. that is night at 10. >> we want to leave you with another look at breaking news in south philadelphia. skyfox live over a fire seen on the 3,000 block of penrose avenue. that fire burning at a refinery. good news we're not seeing the names we were seeing earlier. >> it look like fire crews are on scene right now gettering an upper hand on this fire. we saw black smoke now that's
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white that's a good sign. we'll bring you any updates and tonight at 10:00 o'clock.
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it's not delivery. it's digiorno. "19 kids and counting" scandal. >> do you have a comment? >> the oldest son's shocking admission, he molested underage girls. and then got him, accused of slaughtering a family in washington, d.c. >> how cops tracked him down. >> and what you can do if your family is held captive in a home invasion. and -- >> can i get a selfie? >> yeah. >> selfie stick, they're everywhere. >> they can be dangerous and there's a growing movement to ban them. >> can you believe this? riding a bike and holding a selfie stick? why so many places are banning them. then, she fell off a cliff as she posed for a scenic family photo. >> we were taking a photo


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